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About Ford Corroo Realty

Meet The Team

Ford Corroo Realty was created to genuinely educate our clients and potential clients in the real estate market.  We LOVE empowering people!  We thrive to take our community to the top, whether it be our clients, potential clients, agents or friends.  We have over 50 years combined experience and we will go to every extent to enhance our clients with the best home ownership experience.  Our agents are the best at leading their clients to make the absolute best decision.  We pride ourselves in decision making and top notch negotiating skills.  Our vision is to become a Top 5 privately owned real estate firm in all of NC, which will allow us to create hundreds of jobs and give back to our local communities as a result.

Our home office is in Garner, NC and we plan to open other offices throughout Wake and Johnston County, as well as Wilmington, Greensboro, even Charlotte.

Core Values:

Education - we believe this is the cornerstone of a successful real estate business - educating the clients to help them make proper decisions, and educating our agents, not only formally but with day to day experience.

Competence - a combination of your formal training and experience of serving clients and training agents. We expect our agents to operate at a high level of competence and we hold ourselves to that same standard.

Trust/Integrity - this is not something you can learn - it is something you are. It defines you as a service provider and it is the foundation of your reputation in the community.

Communication - we are responsive, accessible, and will answer any question.  If we don't know the answer we will find it.

Veneta Ford, President & Broker In Charge

Veneta Ford President & Broker In Charge

Angelina Corroo, Vice President & Broker

Angelina Corroo Vice President & Broker

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