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Angelina was far better than other REALTORS® I attempted to work with. She actually took me to houses that were in my price range and that I was interested in looking at! And she was very friendly and responsive.

- Kalli V., Buyer Client

This transaction was for an investment property in Greenville and it was so easy with Angelina - could not have asked for a smoother transaction.  She took care of everything, she was quick and extremely responsive any time we had a question. I can't think of anything she could have done better except pay for the property herself - LOL!

- Stacy C., Buyer Client

Mrs. Ford, you are amazing!  We bought our first home with you and we couldn’t be happier.  We knew from the beginning you were on fire, but we certainly didn’t expect you to do everything for us.  You made buying real estate EASY!!  Thank you for encouraging us and teaching us about the business.  You are such a wonderful teacher!!!

Your Family in Christ


- The Sullivan Family

Although I had my criteria for purchasing a home pretty well thought out, Angelina responded to my requirements while providing valuable insights that I had not considered. She was extremely professional and pleasant to work with. She went well beyond the normal expectations of a REALTOR®. She actually cleaned the oven and microwave after hearing my wife and I remark that the previous owner should have left both appliances cleaner!! I wouldn’t change anything about this experience.

- Bill P., Buyer Client

Angelina was the 1st REALTOR® that I`ve worked with. It was a great experience. She was very knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. I can`t think of anything she could have done better.

- Broderick L., Buyer Client

Angelina is very knowledgeable and responsive. She made the whole process so easy for us. There was so much that we did not need to worry about. Angelina was always in contact with us. Never had to ask what was going on, what`s the next step. She always told us what to expect next.

- Kate K., Buyer/Seller Client

Veneta, thank you for taking the time to educate us on the process of real estate.  We learned so much.  We are committed to you for a life time.  We cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and effort to make our real estate transaction a dream come true.  You are always our GO TO when it comes to real estate.


We love you!

- P. Wilson

For sure Angelina was one of the best we`ve had the pleasure of working with here in NC. She helped us out of a contract with a bad builder and found us a great home in our preferred area. Just can`t say enough on the knowledge she has from beginning to end. If I ever have to do this again I know who to call. Wish she was the first REALTOR® that we spoke with when we moved to NC. She had our life style nailed down to a tee - even our pets were thought of at all times.

- Bryan H., Buyer Client
It was my first time working with a REALTOR® and Angelina made the experience smooth and painless. She worked hard to sell my land - she was in constant contact with me and I was getting offers seems like every other day. Angelina was just perfect, I can`t add or take anything away from her. If I hadn`t hired her I seriously doubt the land would have sold so fast. She is one of the best!
- Harold S., Seller Client

I have purchased sold and bought 3 houses with Veneta Ford.  Her love for people is out of this world!  She works hard for every individual and her negotiating skills are beyond my comprehension.  I cannot sing her praises enough.  I am finally in my last house and I am retired and I couldn’t be happier.  I have the best neighbors and I am so blessed.  If you are looking for a real estate professional – Please take the time and find out how many potential negotiations your real estate professional has encountered!  I can assure you, if you will do that, you will find out real quick how your transaction is going to be handled.  Veneta and her team are always on top of their game and they go to every extent to research all the information needed when buying a home.  Veneta and her team are the most professional and well diverse in the real estate market – you will find NO ONE BETTER! 

- Carol P

She stayed on top of things for us while we were buying a new construction home and selling ours. Asked questions of the builder that we didn’t think of and did all the leg work. All we had to do was show up. The only way she could have been better was to bring us doughnuts!

- Shawn K., Buyer/Seller Client

I knew Angelina outside of real estate and knew she would be a good fit. It was pleasant working with a friend; I felt like she was a true advocate for me and took the time to listen to what I was looking for rather than just forward me listings

- Troy F., Buyer Client

The abundance of energy the Veneta Ford Group has is beyond comprehension.  She sold 2 of my homes for me and while I was in another state in the nation.  The entire team is an awesome group.  They go the extra mile while always encouraging all the way to the closing table.  Veneta’s negotiating skills spoke volumes to me and I will be a client forever.  Thank you, Veneta for all of your hard work and efforts.  You are a gem!

- The Anderson Family

Angelina and I have worked together on a few transactions. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. If I have a question she will give me an answer – she responds very quickly. I’m completely satisfied!

- Tommie L., Investor Client

Angelina was knowledgeable, informative, and very positive! She gave me helpful hints on staging my home. She is very caring and I had a great experience working with her.

- Hope K., Seller Client

We felt like Angelina was here for us and did whatever she needed to do to keep us happy. She was there when and where we needed her. She was also very good with all the paperwork. There was nothing she could have done better.

- Kehoni G., Buyer/Seller Client

Angelina was one of a kind, she answered all of my questions and gave me the best service all the way through closing. She knows this business very well!

- Gus K., Buyer Client

Angelina was absolutely amazing to work with. She listened to us and what we wanted! Our previous REALTOR® was totally different. It was our first house buying experience and we felt like that REALTOR® was working for the Builder instead of us! Angelina totally worked with and for us! She was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with! She stayed on top of things and really helped us to understand the process of buying and selling! Our house stayed on the market less than a month before we went under contract! We didn`t have to stress about two mortgages!! Right before closing, our daughter had to be taken to the hospital. Angelina was so sweet and caring, she understood that family comes first! I really feel like we had the best representation and advocate during the buying and selling process! She is an excellent REALTOR®!

- Victoria G., Buyer/Seller Client

After striking out with two other agents, we finally found a good, reliable Realtor®! She is knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. She went above and beyond; she cleaned out our dryer vent before closing! We will never use anyone else. As first time sellers, we were anxious about the process. She answered all our questions and was always available via text, call or email. She helped find contractors to do the updates and repairs. The process would have been terrible without her. If you want a Realtor® who cares about you, then you need to hire Angelina! She is perfect!

- Dayna B., Seller Client

Angelina did a fantastic job! She routinely kept in touch with me - she updated me regularly, following up after every showing. She was personally engaged, there was nothing she could have done better. She absolutely cared.

- Lisa J., Buyer/Seller Client

Angelina was referred to me. She is very thorough and explains everything to make sure you understand and are happy with everything. She knew how to drive the sale, take control, and make good suggestions.

- Mike P., Seller Client

Angelina was referred to us and she was unlike any Realtor® we have used- very professional and responsive. We were buying an investment property and when things got rough she gave us ideas for other ways to find financing. She was much more patient than we were I believe she had our best interests in mind.

- Robert G., Investor Client

This was my first time purchasing a home, and I didn’t know any REALTORS in the area. I picked Angelina from her online profile. She is a real advocate for her buyers - I would recommend her to family and friends.

- Akalea L., Buyer Client

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